Bruno’s Ristorante Italiano

Bruno's RestaurantBruno’s Ristorante Italiano was a historic preservation project in the Springfield Downtown Central district.  To qualify for historic preservation grants, all upgrades and repairs to the building were done mindfully to maintain the existing appearance of the building, down to the mosaic floor tile at the front entry and the custom shape of the window frames on new energy efficient windows.

Brunos downstairs
The main dining room, bar, and kitchen, complete with brick pizza oven, occupy Bruno’s ground floor level.  Climbing the building’s original staircase to the second level brings you to two private dining areas and a wine bar.  A basement, with access from the kitchen, was further excavated to provide for refrigerated storage.

Brunos upstairs

A unique element of this project was a dumbwaiter system, with all the safety features of a traditional elevator, to provide for efficient service between the kitchen and second floor dining rooms.  A detailed code analysis specific to existing and historic buildings was performed to bring the building up to modern standards for life safety without diminishing the historic ambiance of the building, both inside and out.